Saturday, September 13, 2008

Repairs and Catch-up

This week has been hectically busy with repair work, and getting through some neglected crafts. I had a pile of clothes and bits, that almost seemed to be breeding, and with the busyness of homeschool and baby had been ignored for many months. So since we had a week of doing nothing planned, I used it to get through my pile.

The first half a dozen things were pants needing elastic repairs. Mostly this involved using my crochet hook to catch the elastic, from in the waist band, pull it back out and hook it over the button, to hold it in place. To be honest I'm rather feed up with these sorts of pants, so last week I also bought Gabriel a belt.

The rest of the pile was an assortment of toys and clothes, and now I'm nearly at the stage of being finished it's quite a relief to see it gone. There's still a doll, a jacket and a skirt, but I need to buy some thread for the doll, ribbon for the jacket and make a decision about the skirt.

I had also started making Gabriel some slippers out of felt a while ago, so I've been catching up on them, as well as Damien's jumper which has been rather neglected recently. I'm now over half way through the front, so definately heading in the right direction! Hopefully the slippers will be done by Monday, and the jumper will be done soon.

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